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In the pilot we are introduced to a society of farmers living off the land in Cypress Corners. Cypress Corners happens to be inside a dome on a giant spaceship, but our main characters do not know that yet. We meet Devon who is not in favor with the elders of the community. He is deeply in love with Rachel, unfortunately she is to be married to Garth, a local blacksmith. Devon eventually finds out they are living in a sealed off dome, one of many aboard a giant space ship. Later he and Rachel flee into the vast interior of the spaceship. They are pursued and then joined by Garth and all embark on a quest to save the Earthship Ark as the bridge crew have been killed in an accident and the Ark is drifting out of control towards a star. Keir Dullea, best known for his role in 2001, was cast in the leading role. "The Goddess Calabra" by Martin Lager (from a story by Ursula K. Le Guin) finds our heroes in a strangely Romanesque society inhabited only by men. Rachel does not fit in all that well but she happens to look just like the image of their goddess!

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