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Follow Ignatz the Mouse, Krazy Kat, and Officer Pup in one of cartoon history's nutty love triangles. eleven episodes: Malicious Mousechief: After Mr. Kelly has a shipment of bricks stolen, and Mrs. Quack Quack is struck by one, Officer Pup starts to put all the pieces together. Mouse Blanche: Ignatz finds out that true friends can't be bought. Folly the Leader: For once, Ignatz isn't guilty of konking Krazy with a load of bricks, but Officer Pop gives chase anyway. A Kat's Tale: Krazy tells her love, Ignatz, a tale that will hopefully teach him about sharing. Adman On the Loose: An advertising agency visits Kokonimo County to study Ignatz and Krzay so that they can learn how to sell Mr. Luco's trains. Sporting Chance: Ignatz has to do everything in his power to avoid popping Krazy on her noggin; otherwise it's back to jail for good. There Auto Be A Law: Krazy Kat buys Ignatz a car, hoping it will keep him out of trouble. Good luck! Road To Ruin: Kokonino County tries to curb Ignatz's hijinx, but the crafty little mouse has more tricks up his sleeve than they can imagine. Mt. Never-Rest: Officer Pup and Ignatz race each other up Mt. Never-Rest to collect $5,000 in prize money. The Earth Worm Turns: When Krazy's digging machine accidentally lands her and Ignatz in a bank vault, they try to redeem themselves by saving Kokonino from a flood. Pligrim's Regress: Officer Pup falls asleep and dreams what it must have been like during Colonial times.

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