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Taterbug answers an ad for cowhands on Molly Mason's ranch in Dusty Bend country enabling him and his partner, Jim Brandon to escape their dull desk jobs. They find themselves in the middle of a range war. A crooked banker has turned loose a gang of ruthless gunmen, in a bid to terrorize Molly and drive her off the land. Jim tries not to get involved, but when Taterbug is murdered, he loads up his pistols and rides out to hunt down the killers - dead or alive. Ken Maynard found early success in a number of silent westerns, and made a smooth transition as the talkies gained prominence. Arguably the first singing cowboy on the silver screen, Maynard performed with an unpolished and authentic style. Although beloved by fans, Maynard's difficult temperament made him a Hollywood hot potato, bouncing from contract to contract. Once one of the highest paid movie cowboys, Maynard ended his days virtually penniless and dependent on the care of his younger brother and fellow western star, Kermit Maynard.

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ALP6320 Sunset Trail DVD (1932/Ken Maynard) $5.99