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A pair of crooks pay a midget doctor $6,000 to concoct a serum that will give them super strength in order to pull a major jewel heist. The drug works, but the user will die a week after taking it, and the antidote has not yet been finished. Anxious to commit the robbery, the hoods decide to pick up a wino off the streets and trick him into taking the serum and assisting them in the crime. They wind up with Steve (Wildman Steve), a pitiful derelict who accepts their offer of fine threads, a new apartment and all the fried chicken he can eat. The serum works, and Steve finds that he has the ability to bend solid steel bars with his bare hands and lift a two thousand pound safe over his head. Oblivious to the deadly effect of the drug and believing that the jewelry heist is merely a practical joke, Steve helps the criminals pull off the robbery. When Steve discovers the truth, he panics, but luckily the doctor's beautiful assistant Peggy (Jocelyn Norris) has fallen in love with him, and together they work to finish the antidote and foil the jewel thieves.

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