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Sailor Dim Husky plans to leave the U.S. Navy and marry his sweetheart Myrna. His best friend Pete protests and sets about to prove that life as a bachelor seafarer is the best. Pete cons Husky into taking his punishment for splashing the ship's Captain with paint. While Husky does time in the brig, Pete swings into action with Husky's girl, Myrna. A smooth talking social butterfly with a bevy of boyfriends, Myrna is actively husband-hunting. The lucrative Navy widow benefits that Pete might bring to a marriage, has Myrna's heart all a-flutter. While Pete thinks he's seducing Myrna, she's actually ensnaring him into marriage. The slow-witted Husky eventually catches on to Myrna's two-timing and a hilarious triangle explodes. Wallace Ford (1898-1966) took his years of experience and stardom on the Broadway stage to Hollywood and achieved great success as a character and genre film actor. Ford's films include Freaks (1932), Back Door to Heaven (1939), The Mummy's Hand (1940), Shadow of a Doubt (1943), Spellbound (1945), The Last Hurrah (1958) and A Patch of Blue/ (1965).

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ALP5235 Swing It Sailor DVD (1937/Wallace Ford) $5.99