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Cowboys Ken Baxter, Panhandle and Pancho are thrust into a deadly chase when a team of foreign archaeologists desperately hunt for a mysterious cave. After one of the three scientists is attacked and left for dead, Ken takes the injured Professor Wahl back to his camp. Whal admits that he knows the location of the cave, but his confession is cut short by a knife through the heart! With a killer on the loose, Ken and his pals decide to follow the trail to the cavern. Ken learns that ownership of the cave hinges on the outcome of a range war between Jim Larkin's Tin Cup Ranch and Letty Morgan's Lazy Y. Miss Morgan has no idea that the sought after Indian cave is on her property, and Larkin plans to keep it that way. In his time, Ken Maynard, the original singing cowboy, was one of the top draws in the business. A former trick rider from the rodeo circuit, Maynard, with his faithful horse Tarzan, enjoyed a long, successful career in Westerns through the 20s, 30s and 40s.

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ALP4999 Death Rides the Range DVD (1939/Ken Maynard) $5.99