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Billy the Kid in Santa Fe (1941, B&W): Billy the Kid is sentenced to hang after gambler Texas Joe gives false testimony against him at a murder trial. Billy's pals, Fuzzy and Jeff, help spring him from jail, and the three ride off to track Joe down. The trail leads to Santa Fe, a lawless town where old friends of Billy's enlist his aid in rousting the criminal element. Billy accepts the challenge because he knows the men who bribed Texas Joe to frame him are nearby. When Joe himself is falsely accused of killing a deputy, Billy must choose between his sense of duty and his desire for revenge. Starring Bob Steele, Al St. John, Rex Lease, Dave O'Brien; Directed by Sam Newfield. Wild Horse Valley (1940, B&W): His beautiful white stallion is stolen, and Bob Evans relentlessly searches the range for the steed and the rustlers who took him. His search is intensified by the news that a thousand dollar reward is being offered by a local rancher to anyone who can kill "Pirate," a renegade horse who is running off with hundreds of mares. Bob is sure that Pirate is actually his missing mount, and that there are "two-legged" culprits behind the disappearance of the herd. While everyone in the valley hunts for Pirate, Evans races to uncover the identity of the real rustlers. Starring Bob Steele, Lafe McKee, Ted Adams, James Aubrey; Directed by Ira Webb.

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