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The only screen pairing of two of Tinseltown’s toughest, Cagney and Barbara Stanwyck, would not occur until they were both seasoned vets. Although sparks still fly, they were teamed up for a sensitive and soft-spoken look at a mostly taboo subject matter — teen pregnancy. Cagney plays absurdly successful industrialist Steve Bradford, who places his business life on hold in order to try to heal a wound that’s festered in his heart for two decades. Returning to the town where he abandoned a pregnant girl to give his son up for adoption, Bradford is set on a father-son reunion by any means necessary. But Bradford’s unstoppable force collides with the unmovable object that is adoption advocate Ann Dempster (Stanwyck). Walter Pidgeon plays the top-dollar shyster whom Bradford enlists to get through her. Directed by Roy Rowland. Newly Remastered

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WAA338466 These Wilder Years DVD (1956/James Cagney/Barbara Stanwyck) $19.95