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Crooked lawyer John Tolen discovers gold on the Harkins Ranch. His henchmen murder Tom Harkins and his daughter and then gun down six-year old Billy Harkins. Good samaritan Dorothy Hendricks rescues the orphan boy and nurses him back to health. She suspects that Tolen is responsible for the shootings and must expose the killer and bring him to justice. Dorothy Page was a former model with a successful singing career on radio in 1935 when Universal Pictures featured her in Manhattan Blue and King Solomon of Broadway. The Singing Cowgirl (1939) was the last of three musical westerns she starred in for Grand National Pictures and also her final film appearance. David O'Brien is best known for portraying Tex Wyatt in the long-running Texas Rangers series. In addition, he starred in The Devil Bat (1940) and numerous Pete Smith novelty shorts. He appears in this feature with his real-life wife Dorothy Short.

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