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Boss Of Rawhide (1943, B&W): Ranchers are murdered in cold blood near the town of Rawhide and Texas Rangers Tex and Jim and "Panhandle" Perkins are sent to investigate. The "Boss" of Rawhide, Sam Barrett and his gang have seized control of the lawless territory, and anyone who doesn't cooperate turns up dead. Tex and Jim enter the town under cover as members of a minstrel show, and "Panhandle" poses as a hobo. The three rangers are determined to find those responsible for the killings and to see that they are brought to justice. In Boss Of Rawhide rangers O'Brien, Newill and Wilkerson are joined by Billy Bletcher (the voice of the Lone Ranger from the Lone Ranger serials.) This fine B-western features accomplished horsewoman Nell O'Day (famed for many Johnny Mack Brown features) in some spectacular riding sequences. Starring Dave "Tex" O'Brien, Jim Newill, Guy Wilkerson, Nell O'Day, Ed Cassidy, Jack Ingram; Directed by Elmer Clifton. Pinto Bandit (1944, B&W): Amysterious masked killer is murdering mail riders. Texas Rangers Tex Wyatt and Jim Steele investigate but the only clues to the murderer's identity are that he rides a "pinto" horse and is using an unusual calibre of bullet. The trail of sabotage leads to the local freight company which is competing for the lucrative mail contract. A "big race" for the mail delivery business is set up but the corrupt freight men will stop at nothing, including murder, to make sure that they win. Loaded with action and fine production values. The Pinto Bandit is an excellent PRC Texas Rangers film. Filled with good songs by James Newill, the strong plot delivers a surprise ending. Starring Dave "Tex" O'Brien, Jim Newill, Guy Wilkerson, Mady Lawrence, James Martin; Directed by Elmer Clifton.

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