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The third feature by Cuban director Juan Padrón, Vampires in Havana (1985) is a silly, raunchy spoof of horror and gangster films. Wolfgang Amadeus von Dracula, the nephew of the famous count, invents a formula that allows vampires to endure sunlight--which he tests on his nephew Joseph "Pepe" Emmanuel. It works so well that Pepe is completely unaware of his true nature; he plays jazz trumpet in a nightclub and joins a cell plotting to overthrow a repressive general. Pepe soon finds himself dodging the general's inept henchmen and rival vampire syndicates who want the valuable formula. Drawn in a simple, cartoony style that suggests a cross between the work of Zagrebfilm and the Mad Magazine cartoons of Sergio Aragones, Vampires in Havana offers American audiences a rare glimpse of the work of one of Cuba's leading animators. Unrated; suitable for ages 16 and up: Nudity, sexual humor, profanity, violence, ethnic stereotypes.

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