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A group of tough teens face prison when a burglary attempt is foiled by the police. Instead, the boys are paroled into the custody of crusading newspaper editor, Steve Wilson. Wilson's paper, The Daily Press, leads a campaign to provide a healthy outlet for the delinquents and a youth recreation center is set up. While most of the gang become busily engaged in their winning basketball team, tough punk Tommy Malone cannot resist the lure of easy cash. Malone allows gangsters to store their stolen goods in the gymnasium's basement - leading to tragic results. Underworld Scandal (aka Big Town Scandal) is a fine entry in the "Big Town" series of films which were based on a popular radio program. "Our Gang" comedy vets Carl Switzer (Alfalfa) and Tommy Bond (Butch) are featured as well as many fine basketball sequences which provide a nostalgic look at a sport which has changed radically with time.

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ALP5695 Underworld Scandal DVD (1947/Hillary Brooke) $5.99