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Legend of British cinema Edward Fox (The Squeeze, Force 10 From Navarone) leads an all-star cast of mercenaries in this classic eighties action/adventure. Scott Glenn (Backdraft, Buffalo Soldiers), Robert Webber (Who Dares Wins), Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek), Laurence Olivier (The Marathon Man, Khartoum) and Latin beauty Barbara Carrera (Lone Wolf McQuade, Never Say Never Again) are poised for military mayhem in this explosive tale of intrigue and sabotage. During the dying days of the Cold War, a band of ruthless, heartless, hard-as-steel mercenaries are brought together for a deadly mission that could change history. Their objective is to break into the notorious Spandau prison and kidnap Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess, with the hope of using him as a political pawn. But it's a mission that rides the highway to oblivion, a highway paved with evil war criminals, deadly assassins and murderous terrorists.

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