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Millionaire Brendan Byers may be 4-F but feels itís ďevery manís right to be killed fighting for his country.Ē So he puts his money where his mouth is. Unable to be in Uncle Samís army, he does the next best thing: buy one. Once his men are trained on the finest golf courses, plunged into sea survival courses in posh swimming pools and taught the art of killing with Camembert cheese, Brendan leads them to war. One question remains: Which Way to the Front? Comedy legend Jerry Lewis stars as Brendan, puncturing warís lunacy by being even loonier. Heís heavily armed with his trademark physical buffoonery, dizzying pace and solid support from comedy pros like Jan Murray, Steve Franken and the incomparable Kaye Ballard. Which way to uncontrollable laughter? This way, of course.

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WAA24890 Which Way to the Front DVD (1970/Jerry Lewis) $19.95