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Indian Joe's violent gang of outlaws is attacking local ranchers. They force elderly pioneers off their homesteads . Old Bill Carrey is targeted and the life of his pretty granddaughter, Eileen, is threatened. About to be violated by the desperados, the ever-resourceful Eileen leaves her grandfather for dead and escapes on horseback. She finds sanctuary with noble cowpoke Ken Cartwright (Ken Maynard). Word of Cartwright's heroics reach Bradley Skinner, the diabolical head of The Skinner Land and Cattle Company. Skinner has been secretly masterminding the land grabbers. Knowing Ken Cartwright is the number one obstacle to his plan of re-development, Skinner plans to frame Cartwright by forging his brand on stolen cattle. Meanwhile, Cartwright allies himself with the Council of the Boy Scouts of America and soon they come face to face with Skinner in an all-out prairie war.

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ALP4931 Drum Taps DVD (1933/Ken Maynard) $5.99