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The story is about Will Sherman, an underground comic book artist struggling to get his work published. He carries around a tape recorder to record his thoughts and unleash his inner anger. By day he works as a pizza delivery boy, a job he is more and more fed up with day after day. One night he happens to make a delivery at the wrong time, when he unknowingly delivers a pizza to a killer whos victim is hanging in the living room. The killer knows that Will is now technicly a witness and begins stalking will. Well pretty soon the killer gets a hold of Will's tape recorder and begins killing the people in Will's life that he had spoken about on the recorder. Suddenly Will is the prime suspect in a series of murders that he knows nothing about. An intelligent black comedy with a Creepshowesque atmosphere.

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FLV5159 Delivered DVD (1999/David Strickland) $13.99