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Blade on the Feather In this Dennis Potter-scripted TV film, Donald Pleasence plays Jason Cavendish, a retired Cambridge professor, who lives in a remote country estate with his second wife (Kika Markham), his daughter (Phoebe Nicholls), and his butler/secretary/confidant (Denholm Elliott). Their sleepy routine is disrupted by the arrival of Daniel Young (Tom Conti), who promptly saves the professor's life when the old man collapses in his garden. The grateful Cavendish invites the strange guest to stay for dinner, and the latter claims to be writing a thesis based on an allegorical book written by the professor many years ago. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that Daniel has a totally different agenda that has something to do with Cavendish's past. The movie's original British title, Blade on the Feather, refers to a line in the Eton Boating Song. The Last Interview British writer Dennis Potter, author of The Singing Detective and Pennies From Heaven, has been called the "authentic wild man of British television" and his works are known for being filled with complicated characters and challenging subjects. After receiving a diagnosis of advanced pancreatic cancer and knowing he had only several months to live, Potter discussed his life and controversial work in this intriguing interview with Melvyn Bragg of the BBC.

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