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Meet Warren William, "King of the pre-Codes," whose acting epitomized the amoral scoundrel found in movies before the imposition of the Production Code. Michael Curtiz directs William alongside the great Walter Huston in the 1931 romantic naval drama THE WOMAN FROM MONTE CARLO; Errol Flynn makes his cinematic splash in his first substantial role playing alongside William in 1935's crime caper DON'T BET ON BLONDES; and in 1936's TIMES SQUARE PLAYBOY, an adaption of a George Cohan comedy, William shares the screen with Gene Lockhart whose sparkling comedic performance threatens to steal the whole picture. Crime, Romance, Comedy - only a few of the facets found in the acting jewels seen on display in the crown of the pre-Code King. 3 Disc Collection.

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WAA31772 Warren WIlliam DVD Collection (Woman From Monte Carlo/Don't Bet on Blondes/Times Square Playboy) $29.99