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Directed By Andrei Tarkovsky Filmmaker Michal Leszcylowski was editor for Andrei Tarkovsky's last film, The Sacrifice. During the time they spent together, their relationship grew into an enduring friendship. Directed By Andrei Tarkovsky is an homage, a fluid and captivating documentary that presents the brooding as well as the more playful side of a genius. Sacrifice From famed Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky comes The Sacrifice, a haunting vision of a world threatened with nuclear annihilation. As a wealthy Swedish family celebrates the birthday of their patriarch, Alexander (Erland Josephson), their mood of celebration turns horrific when news of the outbreak of World War III reaches their remote Baltic island. With his arresting palette of luminous grays washing over the bleak landscape -- captured on film by Ingmar Bergman's longtime collaborator Sven Nykvist -- Tarkovsky conveys the family's psychological devestation as they enter into a waking nightmare. Faced with certain extinction, Alexander performs the ultimate sacrifice, entering into a Faustian bargain with God to save his loved ones from the "sickening, animal fear" which grips them. The director's final film, made as he was dying of cancer, The Sacrifice is a profoundly moving personal masterpiece, a redemptive tragedy steeped in unforgettable imagery and heart-wrenching emotion.

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