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Happy days are here again! Marie Dressler takes command in the war between men and women as widow Hattie Burns, who runs for mayor of a city corrupted by illegal gin and slick pols who "could bring tears to a glass eye." The womenfolk back Hattie, the menfolk don't and the ladies go on strike until their hapless hubbies reconsider. This reworking of Lysistrata, rich in both comedy and melodrama, shows the great star at the top of her form, supported by frequent co-star and perfect foil Polly Moran as her campaign manager. Dressler may have played a mayor in Politics, but in real life her station was somewhat higher. "Marie Dressler is the real queen of our movies," Will Rogers declared.

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WAA16545 Politics DVD (1931/Marie Dressler) $21.49