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Strongly influenced by the German cinema of the 1920s, director Roland West (The Bat Whispers) created America's first expressionist crime film-a stylish thriller that presaged the rise of film noir. Chester Morris stars as Chick Williams, a Prohibition gangster who rejoins his mob soon after being released from prison. When a policeman is murdered during a robbery, Williams falls under suspicion and the detective squad employs its most sophisticated and barbaric techniques to pin the crime on him. Eye-grabbing compositions, eccentric Art Deco sets (designed by William Cameron Menzies) and the experimental use of sound make ALIBI like a cinematic funhouse-a carnival of shadow and violence and angst that dazzled viewers of 1929 and earned the film three Academy Award nominations. For this edition, Kino has used a restored ALIBI soundtrack (which had been recorded on disc and edited in a primitive manner). Though some surface noise, distortion and level fluctuations remain, a good degree of improvement and consistency has been attained.

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