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Season Two has 22 episodes which include the following: (1) How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying: Bobby discovers he excels at shooting but Hank's traumatic childhood may prevent them from participating in the father-son funshoot; (2) Texas City Twister: One of my favorites. Hank tries to save Peggy and Luanne from a twister headed for the Shiny Pines trailer park; (3) The Arrowhead: Peggy is intrigued by an archeologist but Hank is suspicious; (4) Hilloween: A fanatic church member tries to cancel Halloween in Arlen; (5) Jumpin' Crack Bass: Hank finds a cool new fishing "bait"; (6) Husky Bobby: Another favorite. Bobby becomes a model for husky boys...over Hank's body!, (7) The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg: Hank and the gang are humiliated during a paintball incident; (8) The Son That Got Away: Connie, Bobby, and Joseph visit the make-out caves; (9) Bobby Slam: Connie wants to try out for the wrestling team; (10) The Unbearable Blindness of Laying: Another favorite! Hank goes blind after seeing his mother and male companion "in the act," (11) Meet the Manger Babies: Luanne starts a puppet show. Episodes on the next two discs: (12) Snow Job: Hank discovers his boss uses an electric stove; (13) I Remember Mono: Peggy suspects her husband made out with a classmate back in high school; (14) Three Days of Kahndo: Hank and Dale must sneak over the border to get out of Mexico; (15) Traffic Jam: Hank and Bobby encounter a Chris Rock-like traffic school instructor; (16) Hank's Dirty Laundry: A local video store accuses Hank of not returning racy videos; (17) The Final Shinsult: Cotton and Dale are in cahoots; (18) Leanne's Saga: Luanne's mother is back and falls for Bill; (19) Junkie Business: A great parody of real life, Hank hires a drug addict and finds out he cannot fire him without breaking some discrimination law; (20) Life in the Fast Lane, Bobby's Saga: Bobby get a job at the Speedway with a mentally unstable boss; (21) Peggy's Turtle Song: Bobby is diagnosed with ADD and Peggy decides she must become a full-time mom to help him, but becomes bored and signs up for guitar lessons from a feminist; (22) Propane Boom-Part I: The Mega Lo Mart threatens Stricklen Propane. This one was part of that "Who's going to die?" cliff hanger.

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Special Features * 22 episodes on four discs * Commentary by your favorite characters on selected episodes * 197 deleted and extended scenes including animatics and alternate endings * "The Arlen School of Drawing" tutorial * "The Boy Ain't Right" book excerpts * "Animation Evolution" featurette * Music videos * Director intros and more

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FX2007963 King of the Hill Season 2 DVD (1998) $19.98