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In this camp vision of one woman's tragic excess and greed, Jacqueline Bisset plays 19-year-old Christine, a beautiful and restless girl form the country who abruptly leaves her sedate life to join her high school sweetheart in LA. Her new life, although filled with love and affection, soon ceases to excite her (she works as a bank teller) and Christine once again hits the road, this time seeking out a benevolent Las Vegas comedian she encountered while hitchhiking. With her looks and feminine means as her sole possessions, Christine explores the seedy world of Las Vegas, talking her way into a position as a nude show girl. An unquenchable thirst for fun and pleasure leads her to jump from man to man, leaving each successive lover just at the point of true happiness. Her search seems to be over when she meets and falls in love with Tony (Jim Brown), an ex football player. However, Christine's roving eye and unquiet heart, evoked with sensual vulnerability by Miss Bisset, leads to inevitable destruction, sparking a free fall into degradation and desperate pleas for attention (perhaps the only scene of skywriting obscenities in film history).

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WAA12552 Grasshopper DVD (1969/Jacqueline Bisset) $19.95