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Driven by vengeance, an evil sorcerer (Basil Rathbone) kidnaps a princess vowing to feed the girl to a hideous firebreathing dragon. The desperate king enlists the bravest knights in the land to free his daughter, promising half his kingdom and the girl's hand in marriage to her savior. George, a simple farm boy who loves the princess, pledges to defeat the vile wizard. In his path are seven deadly curses - perilous challenges and terrifying monsters. As the powerful knights fall prey to an enormous ogre, poisonous swamps and bloodthirsty temptresses, George's courage, wit and fighting prowess lead him to a final horrific confrontation - mortal combat with the murderous magician himself. The Magic Sword is an epic triumph for director Bert I. Gordon, whose previous credits include The Amazing Colossal Man and Attack Of The Puppet People. Inspired by the great colorful fantasy epics that were so popular at the time, Gordon creates a exciting, mythical landscape for the story.

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ALP4277 Magic Sword DVD (1962/Basil Rathbone) $5.99