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Amazing Transparent Man:

Bankrobber Joey Faust is subjected to atomic rays by a gangster and a mad scientist, rendering him invisible and capable of plundering the world's most guarded vaults. The ring of criminals embark on an unstoppable crime wave, gathering resources towards their ultimate goal - the creation of an invisible army to conquer the world. As the shadowy thief begins to suffer the poisonous side effects of the radiation, a beautiful woman forces Faust to re-think the horrific plan. Unable to turn to the law for help, the invisible safecracker becomes the final unlikely obstacle between the power-hungry madmen and world domination.
Auteur Edgar G. Ulmer directed The Amazing Transparent Man back-to-back with another science fiction drive-in classic, Beyond the Time Barrier, filming both on location in Texas.

Indestructible Man:
"Butcher" Benton (Lon Chaney Jr.) is executed in the electric chair, but a scientist's experiments revive him as an unstoppable killer, impervious to bullets or other weapons. He proceeds to search for his former crime partners, to pay them back for selling him out.

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AED2007 Amazing Transparent Man/Indestructible Man DVD (1960/1956) $14.95