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Nineteenth century medicine for one forward thinking physician, Dr. Roc (Timothy Dalton), was the fight to teach medicine as science that relies on empirical fact and first hand observation, not folk lore and religious philosophy. His primary research tool is fresh cadavers, the fresher the better. Alas, the Victorian mind-set was in the dark ages and regulated the number of cadaver's faculty used for teaching. Into the situation stumble two fiends (Jonathan Price and Stephen Rea) who recognize a quick way to earn money for cheap gin and the local harlot (Twiggy, miscast but not a bad performance) is grave robbing. Rather than steal dead bodies from graves, however, why not avoid the grave altogether? Killing any unfortunate who happened across their path, Pryce and Rea are soon Dr. Roc's best suppliers of fresh bodies. Science versus morality, need and ambition, truth before conscience are issues explored by the stellar ensemble cast.

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FX2230299 Doctor and the Devils DVD (1985/Timothy Dalton) $14.98