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The love affair between a man of faith and a scarlet woman is told in this compelling drama starring Ava Gardner and Dirk Bogarde, set during the Spanish Civil War. Disillusioned by the church's empty piety, Father Arturo Carrera (Bogarde) forsakes his vows only to find himself a wanted man, hunted by the Loyalists. Thought to know the location of a holy relic that could help them win the war, Arturo is hidden by Soledad (Gardner), a prostitute with whom he falls in love. Learning she's been arrested, but will be freed in exchange for the relic, Arturo is forced to decide where his loyalties lie, with Soledad or the church. Also starring Joseph Cotten and Vittorio De Sica, The Angel Wore Red was written and directed by Nunnally Johnson, an Oscar®-nominated screenwriter whose scripts include How to Marry a Millionaire, The Woman in the Window, The Grapes of Wrath and The Dirty Dozen.

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WAA593573 Angel Wore Red, The DVD (1960/Ava Gardner/Dirk Bogarde) $19.99