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Die, Monster, Die! (1965, 79 minutes): Boris Karloff takes center stage in this "menagerie of horrors" (Motion Picture Daily) that "spins out shock after shock" (Boxoffice)! Like a deadly potion bubbling with eerie mansions, secret experiments and a warning never to look in the basement, this mesmerizing movie about a mad English scientist (are there any other kind?) is "pure haunted-house hokum all the way" (Los Angeles Times). The Dunwich Horrors (1970, 88 minutes): Single white warlock seeks beautiful blond babe to join him at the altar...the sacrificial altar! When the son of Satan (Dean Stockwell) seduces a wide-eyed college student (Sandra Dee), it's a match made in hell in this "exceptional, truly engrossing film of the supernatural" (Los Angeles Times) where the romance is hot...and the terror is bone-chilling!

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MG1008026 Dunwich Horror/Die Monster Die DVD (1970/Sandra Dee/1965/Bori Karloff) $14.95