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The city streets explode into violence when "The Man" kills Black Dynamite's (Michael Jai White) brother in this seamless recreation of the blaxploitation classics of the 1970s. He was the best agent that the CIA ever had, but these days Black Dynamite only answers to one boss -- himself. When "The Man" ices Black Dynamite's brother, starts pumping heroin into the local orphanage, and floods the ghetto with a secret weapon disguised as common malt liquor, the car chases, gunfights, and shirtless brawls that follow prove wild enough to make even Dolemite green with envy.

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Special Features * Fimmaker & cast commentary * Making-of featurette * The Comic-Con Experience * Deleted & animated scenes

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CO32550 Black Dynamite DVD (2009/Michael Jai White) $19.95