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Alexander Botts, the newest representative for the Earthworm Tractor Company, has only two problems- his total inexperience with mechanics and his extraordinary incompetence. That won't stop him from winning over his biggest prospect, Sam Johnson. Encouraged by Johnson's beautiful daughter Mabel, Botts will try anything to convince the fiery lumberman that his business needs Earthworm Tractors. Botts tries to prove the machine's strength by crushing cars, climbing mountains and pulling Johnson's house across town, but when the town council holds a tractor competition, Botts finally sees his chance to persuade Johnson and win his daughter's heart. Alexander Botts, "natural born salesman," was created by William Hazlett Upson for the Saturday Evening Post where he starred in an impressive 112 stories. Joe E. Brown brings the hapless yet lovable Alexander Botts to life with charm, whimsy and ridiculousness.

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ALP4426 Earthworm Tractors DVD (1936/Joe E Brown) $5.99