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The Commitment -Did you ever wish with all your heart to achieve some apparently unattainable goal? A group of high school graduates, led by Moss (Prangthong Chsngthom), do just that, embarking on a terrible journey into the unknown. Pushed by peer and parental pressure, they visit a mysterious shrine, offering gifts to a vengeful ghost, Kaew (Thitima Maliwan), and pledge their souls, rather than fail their entrance exams into prestigious universities. Their desires are met, but at a grim price. No one, least of all the skeptical Moss, believes that a mere slip of the tongue will lead to the death of her friends. The hateful spirit has some wishes of her own, and her demonic demands lead to a trail of doom and despair. The Unborn -The story begins when Por wakes up a in hospital, after being brutally beaten by a drug dealer, to find herself about to give birth. Frightened and confused, Por finds herself confronting strange and disturbing events. She hears the weird voice of a child she can't see but whose doll moves around by itself. She also has to deal with the appearance of a mysterious woman whom she has never met before. Danger is all around her and she gets caught up in a series of life-threatening situations. Trapped between reality and illusion, Por faces the most terrifying experience of her life.

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