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thriller about a strong-willed underworld attorney whose steely resolve withers after her young daughter is kidnapped and threatened with death should she fail to secure the release of a convicted murderer. Ji-yeong (Lost star Kim Yun-jin) is deeply admired in the underworld for her fierce efforts in keeping some of the city's most notorious criminals from serving serious time. Though despite the fact that Ji-yeong has a near-perfect success rate when it comes to keeping criminal scum on the streets, maintaining such a high profile among such a lawless set can be as much a burden as it is a benefit. Thanks to her hectic schedule, single mother Ji-yeong has precious little time to spend bonding with her young daughter. When the opportunity for a mother-daughter field trip arises, the overworked lawyer decides to make the most of a rare day together. A day of bonding quickly gives way to tragedy, however, when in the blink of an eye, Ji-yeong's daughter vanishes without a trace. The following day an unidentified caller phones to confirm Ji-yeong's worst fears: her daughter has been kidnapped, and in order to ensure her safe return Ji-yeong must ensure that a certain convicted murderer regains his freedom before heading into court for his second trial. That trial comes in just seven days, giving the frantic mother precious little time to make a successful case for the murderer's release, or lose her precious little girl forever.

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