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"Criminal Minds: Fifth Season" contains the 23 episodes of the latest dramatic season for this outstanding and unique TV police procedural, in which the FBI's Behavior Analysis Unit tracks down criminals by getting inside their heads. The ensemble cast remains a strength of the show, returning Thomas Gibson as team leader Aaron Hotchner, Joe Montegna as Special Agent David Rossi, Matthew Gray Gubler as Dr. Spencer Reid, Shemar Moore as Special Agent Derek Morgan, Paget Brewster as Special Agent Emily Prentiss, A.J. Cook as Special Agent JJ Jareau, and Kirsten Vangsness as Analyst and computer whiz Penelope Garcia. The Fifth Season opens with a disturbing episode in which Hotchner is tortured by the recurring villain and serial killer known as the Reaper. His ex-wife and son go into protective custody with the US Marshal Service while a healing Hotcher attempts to catch the killer. This multi-episode story arc culminates in a terrifying mid-season episode, in which the Reaper captures Hotchner's family, triggering a fight to the death with consequences for the whole BAU. Special Agent Derek Morgan will finally get his chance at a leadership position, while the team will adjust, for the moment, to getting along without Hotchner. The Fifth Season rotates the spotlight so that each agent gets to lead an episode. Among the highlights: a case in David Rossi's hometown in New York state, where old friends are now members of a criminal family; and an episode set in Alaska, in which Penelope Garcia gets face to face with a serial killer in a very small town.

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