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When thugs try to kidnap pretty Jo Elliot, mob-boss Capper Regan's "moll," passerby Nick Allen comes to her rescue. Nick soon finds himself in the middle of a gang war, dodging bullets in a shootout that results in a killing. Wanted by the police and on the lam, Nick, Jo and two of Regan's goons drive though the night until their car breaks down on a rural road. A nearby farmhouse offers a good place to hide out until the heat dies down, but living in the country gives the fugitives more than they bargained for - a second chance at life. With a strong, appealing cast, Escape By Night is a crime drama of redemption and renewal. Anne Nagel's beauty and natural charm kept her busy in Hollywood for over 25 years, appearing in over 80 films. Dean Jagger would later earn an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1949's Twelve O'Clock High. Ward Bond, close friend of screen legend John Wayne, is best remembered as the wagon master on the TV series, "Wagon Train," in the 1950s.

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