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New York,1926. Three robbers commit a daring daylight bank robbery and escape with a million dollars. The robbers are caught and sent to jail for ten years, but the money is never recovered. After finishing his sentence for the robbery, Ted Kedrich is sent to Ellis Island to await deportation. Waiting at the gate are a rival gang and a phony treasury agent who both try to force the convict to reveal the location of the missing money. When Kedrich disappears, two immigration officers enlist the help of the bank robber's niece in the search for the missing man and the stolen money. Ellis Island is a serio-comic crime drama that features Johnny Arthur, known for his portrayal of whiny sidekick characters (and "father" of various Our Gang members in Hal Roach's classic series), and Maurice Black, who made a career out of playing bone-headed henchmen in many genre films.

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ALP4368 Ellis Island DVD (1936/Donald Cook) $5.99