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In remote Canada in the middle of the 19th century, 16-year-old Annie (Caroline Dhavernas) is taken from an orphanage by Simon (Brendan Fehr), a young Scot who needs a bride to help him settle his rural homestead. Upon arriving at the land Annie finds the cabin is only partially built -- they'll have to live in a tent -- and Simon's brother George (Corey Sevier) will also live there. As it happens, Simon proves to be a selfish, drunken brute who sexually abuses his young bride; George, a gentleman with an intellectual bent, can't stand to see the hateful treatment Annie undergoes at the hand of his brother -- because he's fallen in love with her. So when George returns from a hunting trip with Simon's dead body wrapped in a blanket, it doesn't look good and Annie panics even though George insists the death was an accident. A local constable, James Mullen (Paul Johansson), begins investigating after locking up Annie for safekeeping.

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Special Features Features * cc 16 x 9 widescreen * 5.1 Dolby Digital * English and Spanish subtitles * Scene access * Interactive menus * Trailer

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STHE73569 Edge of Madness DVD (2002/Brenda Fehr) $14.98