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A rash of staged accidents leads to a city-wide insurance fraud crisis. Prosecuting attorney, Dan Adams, believes he can break the criminal ring by working undercover for one of the companies victimized by the scheme. In a strange twist of fate, Adams' own brother, Eddie, is part of the same mob that Dan is determined to destroy. When Eddie heeds his older brother's advice to quit his life of crime and go straight, he ends up dead. A vengeful Dan enlists his assistant, Carol Carter, to investigate the murder. When she digs up some important evidence against the gang, the mobsters determine to silence her before she can bring the racket down. Russian-born director, Phil Rosen, began his career working as a cameraman with Thomas Edison in 1912. After turning to directing, Rosen went on to become one of early Hollywood's more prolific film- makers, bringing over 140 works to the silver screen. Towards the end of his career, he made some of his most popular movies, including Charlie Chan in the Secret Service, Charlie Chan in the Chinese Cat and Charlie Chan in Black Magic, all released in 1944, as well as The Shadow Returns (1946).

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