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Between slams of his gavel, Judge Jay Jostyn enforces justice in this spellbinding "reality" series enacting cases in a Los Angeles night court. Although the announcer presents "true cases and real people," actors play the roles of the defendants amid "live" courtroom mumbling and commotion. The riveting stories are both strange and funny, revealing a wide assortment of bizarre human frailties behind the multitude of shocking offenses. Episode 1: The judge hears the tale of a drunk who directed traffic: badly... An old man appeals his arrest for vagrancy and pleads to do time at a work camp until his pension check arrives... An aspiring actress booked on fraud charges is actually a con-artist... A young mentally-challenged man can't find work, and Judge Jostyn wants to help. Episode 2: A cat killer blames his crime on his inability to sleep... An immigrant sailor busted for shooting dice in an alley now faces deportation... An extremely well-endowed female cyclist is arrested for causing a traffic accident... A sleepwalker is booked for prowling... A German concentration camp survivor is accused of stealing a valuable violin. Episode 3: A poor black housemaid is charged with stealing food to feed her children... A teenage girl recounts her sad descent into prostitution... An ex-marine who used a broken bottle to defend an armless veteran is hauled before the Judge. Episode 4: A confused immigrant is tried for using a worthless slug in a coin-operated turnstile... A high-wire acrobat who assaulted her husband is unrepentant... A man who has performed 30 "citizen's arrests" presents his latest catch... A college student who lifted a wallet loaded with $100 bills explains his motivations to the court.

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ALP5119 Night Court USA, Volume 5 DVD (1958) $5.99