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Out all night on a drinking binge, reporter Andy Bryant misses a huge breaking story and is fired from the New York Tabloid. He wakes up in Los Angeles broke and jobless and heads over to the Daily Dispatch, to beg for a job. Publisher Doris Corbin is on the verge of reluctantly selling the Dispatch to cold-blooded John Ward, owner of the rival Herald. Andy is smitten with Doris, and convinces her to resist Ward's pressure to sell the paper. She hires him as her new city editor, and the two launch an all-out newspaper war, as they crusade to turn the upstart Dispatch into the city's top daily. Beautiful Lila Lee stars in this long-lost motion picture from Tower Productions. Groomed by Paramount to replace their recalcitrant star, Gloria Swanson, Lee rose to prominence in films such as Blood And Sand (1922), Love, Live And Laugh (1929) and The Unholy Three (1930). Her son, actor/writer James Kirkwood, gained fame for writing one of Broadway's most successful musicals, A Chorus Line.

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ALP6499 Exposure DVD (1932/Lila Lee) $5.99