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Eyes of Texas (1948, B&W): Rancher Thad Cameron is killed by a pack of wolves. Just before Cameron's death, his beautiful but crooked lawyer, Hattie Walters, convinced him to write a new will, naming his long-lost nephew as successor. The man who shows up to claim the inheritance is an imposter hired by Walters as part of her scheme to acquire the estate. She's sure she has all the loose ends tied up, but she never counted on U.S. Marshal Roy Rogers showing up to investigate. Starring Roy Rogers, Andy Devine, Nana Bryant, Lynne Roberts, Roy Barcroft; Directed by William Witney. Grand Canyon Trail (1948, B&W): A ghost town serves as a deadly backdrop to foul play and murder in a dispute over a silver mine. Friends of Roy Rogers have lost thousands of dollars investing in J. Malcolm Vanderpool's fruitless effort to extract the precious metal from the long-abandoned site. They turn to Roy to inspect the operation, and he uncovers an insidious conspiracy to steal not only the investor's money, but all of the silver as well. Starring Roy Rogers, Andy Devine, Jane Frazee, Robert Livingston, James Finlayson; Directed by William Witney.

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