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In true stories of fraud and deception from the closed files of the United States Treasury Department, agents investigate corruption throughout the nation in this classic television series starring Walter Greaza. Steady Hand: To find empty homes that he can rob, burglar Harry Malan looks up funeral notices in the newspapers. His plan goes unnoticed until agents trace a stolen bond that he redeemed. Tight Squeeze: U.S. Customs discover large amounts of expensive Cuban perfumes in the marketplace. They uncover a clever racket that is smuggling the goods from Havana into the country. Leather Bags: A failing cruise ship entertainer smuggles a large quantity of heroin into the United States with no regard to the horrors it will bring others. Little Tin Box: Three people running an all-cash nightclub attempt to evade income taxes by skimming money from the cash register.

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ALP4661 Federal Men Vol. 3 DVD (1954/Walter Greaza) $5.99