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"The Fiend," a shadowy killer, has been preying on performers at the Alden Theatre, and his rampage seems unstoppable. Having already killed two people, The Fiend finally makes his first mistake - an unsuccessful attempt on the life of society columnist Jean Monroe. Her writing has drawn the ire of the killer, and fellow reporter Frank Gordon is sure that Jean is in danger. A note from stage actor Ted Wallington luring her to the theatre proves to be a trap set by The Fiend, who accidentally shoots Wallington instead. The police can't catch a break in the case, so Jean sets out to capture the mysterious madman herself. With a host of possible suspects, and a rising body count, the amateur sleuth quickly discovers that no one can be trusted in her efforts tounmask The Fiend. Al "Fuzzy" St. John had a long storied career as a comedic supporting player, and was featured in scores of films from the silent era onward. As the fumbling, cowardly Elmer, St. John appears without the trademark whiskers he would sport as a sidekick to cowboys like Buster Crabbe and Lash LaRue in numerous B Westerns.

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