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Twelve-year-old AnaÔs is fat. Her sister, fifteen-year-old Elena, is a beauty. While the girls are on vacation with their parents, AnaÔs tags along as Elena explores the dreary seaside town. Elena meets Fernando, an Italian law student; he seduces her with promises of love, and the ever watchful AnaÔs bears witness to the corruption of her sisterís innocence. Fat Girl is not only a portrayal of female adolescent sexuality and the complicated bond between siblings but also a shocking assertion by the always controversial Catherine Breillat that violent oppression exists at the core of male-female relations.

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Special Features * High-definition digital restoration (with DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition) * Behind-the-scenes footage from the making of Fat Girl * Two interviews with director Catherine Breillat, one conducted the night after the filmís world premiere at the 2001 Berlin Film Festival, the other a look back at the filmís production and alternate ending * French and U.S. theatrical trailers * Plus: A booklet featuring an essay by film scholar Ginette Vincendeau, a 2001 interview with Breillat, and a piece by Breillat on the title

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