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Born in 1904, Dick Powell was one of the most versatile and handsome movie stars of his or any other generation. His early work saw him as one of Busby Berkeley's favorite crooners in musical classics such as 42nd Street (1933), Dames (1934) and Golddiggers of 1937 (1936). In the late 1940s, Powell reinvented himself as a hardboiled wit in such film noir outing as Murder, My Sweet (1944) and Johnny O'Clock (1947). Powell's role as a television actor-producer magnate began with the formation of Four Star Productions in 1952. The debut offering of what would become a persuasive and powerful force within the newly developing television industry was the anthology series, "Four Star Playhouse" (1952-1956). Powell oversaw production and appeared as various characters along side alternating stars Charles Boyer, David Niven and Ida Lupino. At the time of this death in 1963, Powell had directed five feature films, Split Second (1953), The Conqueror (1956), You Can't Run Away From It (1956), The Enemy Below (1957) and The Hunters (1958). Go Ahead and Jump (1954): Mason, a flip cab driver with a secret heart of gold, has a forlorn passenger determined to commit suicide. Starring Dick Powell, William Johnstone, Joanne Jordan, George D. Wallace and Robert Bice. The House Always Wins (1955): Willie Dante, owner of a underground gambling casino, is tipped off by a former lover of an impending robbery. Starring Dick Powell, Jack Benny, Jean Willes, Herb Virgran, Regis Toomey, Alan Mowbray and Tristram Coffin. A Place Full of Strangers (1955): An overworked businessman, desperate for a break, takes an unplanned bus trip in an attempt to escape his responsibilities. Starring Dick Powell, Dina Merrill, Morris Ankrum and Frieda Inescort. The Witness (1953): Playboy Defense Attorney Donagin must track down a key witness to save the life of an innocent young man. Starring Dick Powell, Charles Bronson (as Charles Buchinsky) and Marion Carr.

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ALP5101 Four Star Playhouse: Dick Powell Anthology, Volume 1 (1953-55) $5.99