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Roger Moore took a brief vacation from playing James Bond in this witty adventure drama. Rufus Excalibur ffolkes (Moore), who for some reason prefers not to capitalize his last name, is a scuba-diving adventurer for hire with a sharp mind, a quick wit, a fondness for cats, and a certain distrust of women. When terrorist Lou Kramer (Anthony Perkins) takes over an oil drilling platform in the North Sea and threatens to blow it sky high if his demands are not met, ffolkes is called in by Admiral Brinsden (James Mason) to foil Kramer's scheme before it's too late.

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DVD Features This witty thriller is finally released on DVD in a simple but effective presentation. Ffolkes has been given a letterboxed transfer in its original widescreen aspect ratio; the image has also been enhanced for 16 x 9 playback on widescreen monitors. The audio, in English, has been mastered in Dolby Digital Mono, while the disc also features optional subtitles in French and Spanish.

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MC23514 Ffolkes DVD (1980/Roger Moore) $14.98