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Twenty years after her parents fell victim to the dreaded Black Rose Killer, the woman who once narrowly averted a most gruesome fate begins to suspect that the madman may be back and plotting her doom in director Glen Baisley's gruesome, horror-flavored mystery thriller. Alice Walker (Rosemary Gore) was just a young girl when her parents were violently taken from her by the notorious Black Rose Killer. In the years following her devastating trauma, young Alice would often find herself being shuffled between an endless array of foster homes and psychiatric institutions. Now, as the twentieth anniversary of her parents' deaths draws near, a series of mysterious murders leads the frightened Alice to believe that the Black Rose Killer has returned to claim her life, and finally carry out the mission he failed to accomplish two decades ago. Could it be that the whole latest incarnation of the Black Rose Killer is simply a delusional product of Alice's scarred psyche, or could it be that the girl who once narrowly avoided the clutches of a killer is actually about to come face to face with the nightmare that has plagued her for nearly twenty years?

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Special Features * Scene selection * Interactive menus * Photo gallery * Fear of the Dark "Things That Go Bump In the Night & Other Fun Stuff" * Extended/deleted/alternate scenes * Trailers on B.D.F. movies * Behind the scenes bloopers * Alternate & extended ending * Cast & crew commentary * Original title sequence

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