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Arrogant aristocrat Tommy Van Buren (William Haines) calls himself “America’s gift to polo,” while his female fans think he’s the most gorgeous creature on four legs. All except for plucky Polly (Alice Day), who responds to his amorous advances by running him off the road! And now that Tommy’s replaced her father on the squad, Polly has even more reason to loathe the pompous brute – although after an evening’s dancing and dalliance, even she yields to the champ’s charms. But when Tommy’s alcohol-fueled antics get him tossed from the team, he’ll have to stop horsing around to win the international series, his beloved pinto Pronto and the heart of young Polly. Join silent era superstar William Haines as he scores one of his greatest goals in this exciting, elegant comedy. It’s the smart thing to do.

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WA179627 Smart Set DVD (1928/William Haines) $19,.95