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Drew Barrymore is not bad at all as little Charlene "Charlie" Mcgee. She's afflicted with pyrokenesis (starting fires w/ her mind) handed down to her by her mum Vicky (Heather Lockleer) and dad Andy (David Keith), who were both injected with an experimental serum by a secret government organization called "The Shop". Now Charlie is on the run with dad, trying to escape the clutches of the nefarious shop operatives who've already killed mum! Unfortunately, an assassin named Rainbird (George C. Scott) wants Charlie for his own demented reasons. Along with Capt. Hollister (Martin Sheen), Rainbird plans on exploiting Charlie's powers, then killing her with a quick blow to the head! FIRESTARTER 2: REKINDLED Charlie's all grown up now, and suffering from nightmares from her past, as well as that pesky burning thing. She is unaware that Rainbird (Now played by Malcolm McDowell) is alive and still infatuated with her. He's also raised up a small army of kids with various psychic abilities (sort of a bratty version of Village Of The Damned). These kids are being trained as weapons of course, and will ultimately face Charlie in an all-too-whimpy showdown. Dennis Hopper (Night Tide, Blue Velvet) is also in this as Richardson, a clairvoyant with the personality of day-old oatmeal.

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MC24912 Firestarter 1 & 2 DVD (1984/Drew Barrymore/2002/Malcolm McDowell) $14.98