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Based on the memoir of real life French police detective Roger Borniche, Flic Story recreates a violent post-war crime spree that shocked a nation still reeling from Nazi occupation. In Flic Story, producer/star Alain Delon and his frequent collaborator, director Jacques Deray (Borsalino and Co.), have crafted a gritty policier, a suspenseful cat-and-mouse thriller, and a frank true-crime exposé. When Emile Buisson, post-liberation France’s most notorious criminal, (Jean-Louis Trintignant; Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train, A Man and a Woman) escapes from a mental asylum, his bloody rampage has politicians, the press, and the police all pointing fingers, making threats, and demanding results. Paris cop Roger Borniche (Alain Delon - Borsalino and Co., The Sicilian Clan) gets the thankless job of finding Buisson and either bringing him in or stopping him dead. Through rooftop pursuits, alley stakeouts, nightclub showdowns, and car to car gun battles, Borniche, a stylish and scrupulously ethical “flic” (French slang for “cop”), is forced to break the rules he usually only bends. Driven to the edge of reason, Borniche will even risk the safety of his lover Catherine (Claudine Auger – Thunderball) to put his maniac nemesis back in a straitjacket and on death row. Jacques Deray follows in the footsteps of French crime film master Jean-Pierre Melville by bringing unsentimental verve, intelligent pacing, and refreshing honesty to Flic Story. Featuring multi-layered performances by Delon and Trintignant, this classic of ’70s French film noir is now available for the first time ever in the US.

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Special Features * Theatrical Trailer * Stills Gallery * Alain Delon: Selected Filmography * The Alain Delon Collection (10 Trailers) * Optional English subtitles * Enhanced for 16x9 TVs

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