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Prepare for the ultimate alien invasion with this fiery collection of three features filled with spaceship spectacle, Martian mayhem, and other alien antics. First, a young boy sees INVADERS FROM MARS landing in his backyard and tries to warn everyone around him - but soon finds himself among the few Earthlings left standing during a secret alien takeover! Then a ferocious vampire creature plots an ATTACK FROM MARS by invading a Burbank movie theater, leading to Atomic Age mayhem filled with rock 'n' roll, drag queens, and the walking dead. Finally, five astronauts crash onto the red planet during a FLIGHT TO MARS and discover they're the only ones who can stop a sinister plot brewing within the planet's superior civilization. It's the ultimate war of the worlds in this trio of petrifying sci-fi adventures!

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ID0865CO Flight to Mars/Attack From Mars/Invaders From Mars DVD (Mission Mars 1950's sci-fi collection) $14.98